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High precision design

Aramith phenolic resin : designed for high precision play

Aramith phenolic resin : designed for high precision play

The ultimate in balance

Constant density and balance are of the essence to control speed, direction, spin, impact and rebound in the game.

Through-hardened Aramith resin offers the unique advantage of a completely stabilized material with homogeneous density dispersion throughout each Aramith ball. With the center of gravity at the center of the ball, the resulting ultimate balance guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll.

Perfect rebound and Anti-Kick™

Far more important than ball tolerances are the ball rebound capacities. Only predictable rebounds allow strategic repositioning of the cue ball to optimize the following shot. The unique molecular structure and elasticity of the phenolic Aramith resin have been calibrated to offer the optimal level of rebound to allow players to fully control the effect of every shot.

With its Anti-Kick™ properties, the Aramith balls are far more anti-static than any other brand which prevents the balls to build static charge and hold dust particles, which in turn drastically minimizes the risk for kicks, buttages, skids or poor contacts in the game. 

Worldwide endorsement

The exclusive use of Aramith phenolic balls by most professional tours, federations and amateur leagues in championships and tournaments worldwide is an indisputed endorsement of the quality reputation and superior performance of Aramith balls.




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