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Quality certificate

The Aramith Quality Certificate

The Aramith Quality Certificate

The Aramith product line includes two main quality levels, defined basically by the different types of Aramith resin that are used and the quality control specifications linked to it.

Aramith Premier (green box)

While less wear-resistant than the Super Aramith sets, the Aramith Premier sets still offer a lifetime up to 5 times longer than the other materials. Each ball is controlled along 7 criteria : density, balance, diameter tolerance, sphericity, colour, surface polish and brilliance. All numbers are engraved to very tight specifications.

Super Aramith, Super Aramith PRO and Aramith Tournament Champion are the top of the product line.

Produced to the most exacting tolerances and standards, every ball in these sets is, on top of the multiple regular controls, individually calipered to insure maximum consistency from ball to ball in order to constitute a homogeneous matched set for true excellence at play.

The resins used in these top quality sets even further maximize the ball and cloth life. Their transparent vitrified surface is through-hardened, allowing the balls to hold their specifications over an unusually long period of time.

It is this unique quality level that made these sets to be the favorite products used internationally in tournaments and championships.


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