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Our group activities

The Aramith / Simonis / Strachan Group is a group of companies each leader in its niche.

- Aramith : leading high precision billiard ball manufacturer

- Iwan Simonis : leading manufacturer of worsted carambole and pool cloth

- Strachan : leading snooker and woolen pool cloth manufacturer

- Fusiontables : specialised in design pool/ dining tables

- Playne's : leading manufacturer of tennis ball felt

- Saluc & Preciball : manufacturer and trader of high precision plastic and metallic balls for industrial applications

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Saluc produces and distributes billiard balls under the registered trademark Aramith in more than 85 countries, and has a marketshare of 85 % worldwide.


Iwan Simonis

Manufacturing superior quality cloths since 1680, Simonis has been and remains the reference standard for quality billiard cloth.


Strachan snooker and pool cloths are the world leading brand and choice of most professional snooker and pool players.


A new dimension for your dining room.


Manufacturer of engineered, technically advanced, woven performance tennis felts


Besides Aramith balls, Saluc / Preciball manufactures and supplies high precision balls for the industry, as well as customized solutions in all materials, sizes, and tolerances.